8 Sep 11

If given the opportunity to live in any period other than your own and the future, what would it be?

harlem renaissance-era new york city

8 Sep 11

i don't have a good relationship with my mother. in fact i don't believe she loves me. i've felt like this since i was about 8... maybe as early as 7.... my biggest fear has always been that my kids will feel the same way about me as i do about my mother. scares me a lot. bc i've always wanted one of those unshakable immovable bonds with my children. i live with my mother now... bc of my illness she just walked in... i spoke. she just looked at me and walked in her room. smh. my life is a lot.

it’s impossible to fathom anybody not loving you, especially your own children. you’re a beautiful soul; one of the kindest and most pure people I’ve ever known. I ache when I hear about how your mom treats you. but you’ll be out of that situation very soon. as for now you are loved. and those future babies of yours will worship you. 

25 May 11

do you have a bucket list...whats #1 on it?

I do actually! appearing on oprah was definitely on there, so I’m quite saddened that’s been rendered impossible by her selfish decision not to keep doing her show until I’m famous. I also plan to write a book or two, spend a summer touring foreign countries (namely the dominican republic and cote d’ivoire to do some lineage research), and learn hungarian. oh, and win an academy award.

but #1 is probably to take my mom on the ultimate lavish vacation. just me and her and gorgeous scenery, delicious food. she deserves it. my father died before we could do something like that, so it’s even more pertinent to me now that I spend quality time with my mom.

16 May 11

Love your blog and your insightful Twitter commentary on the incredibly racist Psychology Today articlle. Following.

thank you so much, doll! welcome.

15 May 11

i meant to send this to you the other day when i saw the picture of your dad. i have been rocking with you for a while... since thatbitch.com. since you found out you were pregnant with beans. and i remember how you so vividly wanted to be the type of parent to beans that your dad was for you. that you wanted her to live a fulfilled childhood and such. i was amazed by how much you inspired me... i have seen you go through so many ups and downs and i am still amazed by your grace... and tenacity... and audacity to be who you are despite of anything that comes your way. your father is looking down on one of his most precious greatest creations and smiling. i love you.. i love you like i love my blood sisters. i pray for your happiness... and prosperity. you're forever in my heart huny bunches of goodness...


this made me all kinds of emotional. wow. you are such a huge hearted beautiful person, jewelcake. I have dealt with a lot of betrayal in the past few years from people I thought had love for me, but you have been so steadfast. I love you, too, very much, my sister. if I could make you healthy I would do damn near anything to make it so. I am so extremely grateful for you and I am stunned and overjoyed by your words. you know exactly how much living in my father’s example means to me, so this is basically the best compliment I have ever received. EVER.

26 Apr 11

you're beautiful :)

thank you, doll. that’s incredibly sweet of you :D

24 Apr 11

*hug* (in the most gangsterly way possible). One day soon, I'll be up in NYC to give you a real G hug...it'll leave bruises and shit.

oooh. that’s hot. promise?

24 Apr 11

hello huny - just wanted to let you know you still inspire and astound me every day. i have been a huge fan and a follower since i was about 13... i am going to be 25 in october. not joking, i've been following your writing, design, and everything else for years. i lost you for a while and am so happy to have found you back here on tumblr. thatbitch was one of my huge inspirations as a young lady, you let me know in a strange time that it was okay to be different, bisexual, outspoken, opinionated, and flashy. your attitude has changed a bit since then and you seem to have aged very gracefully yet still kept your trademark spunk and bite. i love it, love it, love it and couldn't be happier for you that you are still fighting the good fight and keeping your smile on your face. thanks for being a great role model in this world of weak people with sour minds. xxx rachel

wow. I am immeasurably humbled by everything you just said. I can’t even tell you how much it means to me for you to say I inspired you. it’s true, I’m a bit more chill than I was in the thatbitch days but I’m still me through and through. I’m really elated you found me and took the time to write this. you’ve made my day, babydoll. keep shining.

12 Apr 11

This is not a question. This is a declaration. You are extraordinary. #ThatIsAll

*snicker, snort* aww, you shut up. making me feel all flattered and geeky an thangs. I think you are pretty damn awesome too, doll.

11 Apr 11

I didn't go that far. I just personally loathe seeing women in Jordans specifically. Decided to throw that in there.

I’m not a huge fan of jordans either but I wouldn’t group the wearing of them with a rejection of chivalry or an essential lack of femininity. yipee had commented that "For classy girls, its all about […] heels" and that’s also what I was responding to when I said "dope sneakers are not the antithesis of class or womanliness". I am a huge sneaker head and might rock jeans and a hoodie with them, but I still expect to be treated like a woman.
(re: Women are too hard nowadays)

6 Apr 11

what's your favorite song this week?

"private dancer" by big k.r.i.t goes oh so hard. uche put me onto that one. it makes me want to remove everything I got on…slowly. "fuck these lames, get this money". I am a shameless hussy for a strip club song.

3 Apr 11

Usually when I get trigged I fall apart. I have a melt down and say things to make sure the person that triggered my emotions feels worst than dirt. However its normal to have a reaction when something triggers you. What I've grown to understand is when something triggers you thats when you should be quiet. Just relax. Settle down. Try to find a solution and move on as quickly as possible. Thats easy to say and hard to do but thats what I find most effective. Taking yourself out of the situation physically, mentally and emotionally works. Come back to the situation when you're ready. Sometimes you win by saying nothing.

that’s exactly what I do now. I just sit with it until I can find a way to navigate out of it. I don’t directly react to it at all because that tends to create a situation that lingers far beyond that initial gut punch that hurts so profoundly. 

thanks much for sharing your solution.

28 Mar 11

Sooo I'm @free2be_MSB on twitter...ya know, fellow Janet STAN? so yeah just dropping a note to say that I love following you on here and on twitter annnnd I'm meeting Janet TOMORROW!!! Ahhh! :)

oh yay!! give miss jackson a booty rub for me or something, shoot. and don’t be too nervous; she is so amazingly nice. I can’t wait to see the pictures; take lots.

28 Mar 11

hey girl, just wanted to let you know i followed you way back in your thatbitch days. you and a lot of the old school bloggers really inspired me to get into webdesign. i am forever grateful. nice to see you doing well. :)

excellent! thanks so much for that, really. I love it when people who read my old blog “find” me again and it’s even better to hear I influenced them in some small way.



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